By | March 26, 2018

There are so many things to do all over the city of Denver. What types of activities do you enjoy? You are certainly never going to get bored if you live in the Wall Street of the West. If you are vacationing, well, you are in for an adventure. Denver has it all, from mountains to museums and entertaining attractions to welcoming distractions. Get ready to explore the city of Denver CO.

One very interesting place to visit is the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Its location is 2001 North Colorado Boulevard, and the exhibitions and programs held there are simply amazing. The Space Exhibit and Discovery Zone are two areas of the museum that you won’t want to miss. Of course you want to see it all, right? Learn about the human body, gems and minerals, take a prehistoric journey and so much more. The Denver Museum of Science and Nature will not disappoint.

The Denver Mountain Parks is another attraction you might want to experience, and it is located at 3000 East 1st Avenue. You can drive right on up to what’s called the Lariat Loop. If you would prefer to have a tour guide, you can book certainly book a tour. Keep going, and you are going to find Lookout Mountain and the Buffalo Bill Museum. You’re talking about some amazing views from many of the places in that area, especially Lookout Mountain.

How about a stop at Union Station? Checking out this historic site also puts you in downtown Denver. You can even book a room for your stay at The Crawford Hotel, which is located inside the three story Union Station. You can book a tour of the train station, and the building itself along with the history is captivating. You will enjoy making a stop at Union Station as you get ready to experience everything else that downtown Denver has to offer.

Other places of interest include the Denver Zoo, Great Divide Brewery, Chessman Park and the American Museum of Western Art, among others. One travel site lists nearly 300 attractions in the city of Denver, and you know there are more places of interest than that. Those are just the adventures that await you, and when on vacation in Denver, you never know what’s going to happen next. Get excited, and find out just what’s in store for you when you and your family head to The Mile High City.